COVID-19 - Planning & Development consent implications

The Minister D/HPLG  made an Order for an extension of time for a range of periods and timelines under the Planning & Development Act.  This ‘additional period’ was from Sunday 29th March to Monday 20th April inclusive i.e. 23 days.  This period is to be disregarded in P&D timelines and could be further extended as many times as is considered necessary, until 9th November 2020.
On 8th May the Minister D/HPLG made a second Order to further extend the period to be disregarded which now runs from Sunday 29th March to Saturday 23rd May inclusive i.e. 8wks (56 days). 
 This ‘additional period’ is to be added to all statutory Planning time periods which facilitate public consultation or opportunities for appeals.  This includes:
  • Extension to the time periods for public comment
  • Extensions to the time periods for consultation on environmental assessments
  • Extensions to time limits to lodge an Appeal or seek Judicial Review